How do I edit The Digital Invitation ( Funeral E-vite ) in Jet Template?

You can easily edit the digital invitation you bought from our store on the Jet Template website. (Jet Template is a free template editing tool.) In order to edit your Digital Invitation, you must first click on the template editing link sent to your email and login to the Jet Template website as a free member. Then you can edit your digital invitation by reading the following steps.

Adding the Photo

  1. Click on the photo
  2. Click the “Replace Image” button from the top bar that opens
  3. Select and upload a photo from your computer.
  4. Expand it by holding the corners of the photo and position your photo.

Editing Texts

All text in the template is editable.

  1. Double click on the text and type your new text.
  2. You can change the style of the text from the top bar that opens.

Black-White Effect to Photos

You can apply the black and white effect to the photo you want by following the steps below.

  1. Click on the “Effects” icon from the top menu.
  2. Select the “Grayscale” option from the right menu that opens.

Editing the Title ( Glyphs )

For some of our digital invitations, we use “Glyphs” in the headers for a nicer display. Thus, we can add tails to the letters. You can see how to use “Glyphs” in your header with the following steps.

  1. Double click on the title.
  2. Edit the title and click the “Glyphs” button from the top bar that opens.
  3. Complete the editing by selecting the letter you want.

Download and Share

After you have finished editing your digital invitation, you can now download it to your computer and send it to your acquaintances with your phone.

  1. Click the “Download” button on the top bar
  2. We recommend choosing “PNG” as the file format.
  3. Click the “Download” button and download the digital invitation to your computer.
  4. Send the downloaded digital invitation to your acquaintances with your phone.

Revert to Original

If for some reason you want to revert the template you saved to its original version, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Click the “File” button from the top bar
  2. Click the “Revert to Original” button.

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